Yoyo Lottery, good advice from Mike~

Yoyo Lottery, good advice from Mike~

文章Alice Chou » 週五 5月 10, 2013 2:14 pm

Dear all:

I believe some people have met Mike for the past few meetings,
Mike who is a native speaker from the U.S,
There are lots benefits for members since Mike joined,
Listening practice, correction.. etc, for instance.
Here is another one brought up by Mike recently, if most of members would like to give it a try,
New policy will be adopted from June 2013,
In order to fulfill every one’s demand,
Sat meeting operates as usual ( host arrange the meeting in his/her way )

Please refer to the following advices from Mike,

He already listed some topics,
1. Cut out each topic on a strip of paper
2. Put the date that you would like them presented on the strip of paper
3. Put the strips of topic papers in a box and everyone puts their hand in the box and pulls out one strip (or several). Call it the Yoyo Lottery…
Each person who pulls out a strip/topic has to do a little research but the topics are not too tough and Internet surfing will find many facts. The biggest thing is to come up with the magic 6 questions (3 for each session). The intent is to make it fun and non-threatening….

I look forward to your thoughts on the matter

大家好, 相信不少人已經見過我們的新會員Mike,
Mike 來自美國, 他的參與, 對Yoyo有不少實質上的幫助,
聽力練習, 文法訂正…等等
他很用心的給yoyo一些創新的建議, 讓我們在meeting的同時得到更多樂趣之外, 也同時自我提升.
到時候我們會有一個小小摸彩箱, 裡面充滿了Mike幫我們準備的topic, 抽到的人, 當下決定當Host的日期, 並在meeting之前, 想出6個問題,
如果大部分的社員願意試試這樣的模式, 此一運作將於六月開始執行, 周六的meeting將繼續保持一貫的傳統.
有任何問題, 歡迎提出討論, 謝謝囉

List of topics:

• Women make better managers than men
• Advertisements are a waste of resources
• Cinema is a threat to ethics
• Privatization v/s nationalization
• Consumer satisfaction should be achieved at any cost
• Corruption is the main outcome of democracy
• TV commercials should be banned
• Efficiency and corruption go hand in hand
• Entrepreneurs are born not made
• Ethics and profitability are contradicting philosophies
• Work automation: good or bad
• Higher education should be privatized
• Technology creates income disparities
• Should premarital sex be allowed?
• Is MBA necessary to succeed in business?
• Is the business of business only business?
• Joint family is a blessing in disguise
• Capital punishment should be abolished
• Reality shows: fake or real?
• One can make a difference
• Advertising is all glitter and no gold
• Euthanasia: to do or not to do
• Growth and integrity are poles apart
• Ends justify the means
• The Hippocratic oath
• Developing countries need trade not aid
• Marxism and its future all over the world
• History repeats itself
• Nice guys finish last
• Money is the sixth sense
• Arranged marriage v/s Love marriage
• TV commercials should be banned
• Is cloning of humans ethical?
• Is greed an essential human quality?
• Can international boundary be dissolved?
• Should businessman run the finance ministry?
• Gambling should be legalized
• Is love precious or poisonous?
• Is management an art or a science?
• The Rush for MBA is really a rush for big money
• Ethics in Business are just a passing fashion
• The objective of Management is to maximise profits
• Do professional managers have a chance in our family run businesses?
• The Internet is an exercise in hype
• Is an MBA necessary to succeed in life?
• Family owned business vs professionally run businesses
• Smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional growth.
• Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience.
• Democracy is hampering Taiwan’s progress
• MBA in Taiwan is highly overrated.
• Religion is a private affair and should be of no concern for the state.
• Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour
• Do you feel that children should be sheltered from unhappiness?
Alice Chou
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Re: Yoyo Lottery, good advice from Mike~

文章kennyc » 週五 5月 17, 2013 5:06 pm

:shock: Well, it sounds very challenging and I think the moment of the drawing would be definitely nail-biting. But, it is a VERY good idea since everyone would have chances to learn to be a host. Thank you Mike and Alice!
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Re: Yoyo Lottery, good advice from Mike~

文章Claire3922 » 週日 5月 19, 2013 12:17 am

It' s my honor to take the first one topic for meeting from Mike's list on this coming Wednesday night
(Do women make better managers then men?), Dear YOYOS ,please come to the meeting and give me
the best support. Thank you!
YOYO member
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Re: Yoyo Lottery, good advice from Mike~

文章Alice Chou » 週二 5月 21, 2013 11:41 am

Hi all:

Yoyo lottery will be brought into practice from 2013 June,
If you would like to be a host on Wed and keep the old operation is also welcome.
Gavin will do the host arrangement as usual,
Drawing will be ready on 6/5 and only for people who are willing to give it a try, thanks.

Alice Chou
Alice Chou
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Re: Yoyo Lottery, good advice from Mike~

文章Wayne » 週二 5月 21, 2013 12:09 pm

Drawing may not be the only option. Alternatively, it is possible to adopt a topic for any volunteering host. Whoever picks his or her topic must host a meeting in a month or two. Otherwise, he or she must give up the topic to allow others to use it. This way, a potential host may find his or her favorite topic and be encouraged to host a meeting. What if more than one want to pick the same topic? (1) Sign up on the Forum to decide who and when will use the topic first. (2) Use the same topic while providing different reading materials and creating different questions, but a topic must not be used more than three times.
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