7/2(Sat) Emotional Blackmail (Host:Prince Arthur)

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7/2(Sat) Emotional Blackmail (Host:Prince Arthur)

文章 Arthur »

What is Emotional Blackmail?

How to Respond to Emotional Blackmail

Protect Yourself from Emotional Blackmail

教你看清【情緒勒索】! 5個步驟, 助你對抗情緒勒索!

Q1: Have you met the emotional blackmail? What’s your definition on Emotional blackmail?
Q2: Please share with us if you have real experiences/stories about emotional blackmail (maybe from /Lovers/Children/parents/boss/client). The videos suggest some ways to respond emotional blackmail or protect us. Do you think they are useful or not?

Q3: Have you treated others via emotional blackmail? What reasons/stories let you do it? Do you feel regret/sad/sorry about the actions? Why or why not?
Q4: If you have some requests or high expectation on others/Lovers/Children/parents/boss/client, how will you do? Please share your advice with us.

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Re: 7/2(Sat) Emotional Blackmail (Host:Prince Arthur)

文章 Kooper »

Over the last few years, the psychological concept of emotional blackmail has been popularized. I myself heard the term many times but have never tried to delve deeper. Thanks to Arthur picking this topic for discussion, I finally used the opportunity to get a better handle on it.

In any relationship there are expectations involved and it’s not uncommon that the other side doesn’t measure up to our expectations. When that happens, we’d often take a crack at changing them, making them do what we want. Various tactics would be adopted to achieve that. During the process, sometimes we could unwittingly make the other side feel guilt, obligation, or even fear. Does that amount to emotional blackmail?
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Re: 7/2(Sat) Emotional Blackmail (Host:Prince Arthur)

文章 Laura »

Prince Arthur did create an awesome topic,
and, gave the solution from video,
way to go :ssmile:

It's pity, I was not in Taipei couldn't join :drink:
The best teacher is child,
the worst mistake for one is to abandon oneself,
the greatest treasure in the world is love!
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Re: 7/2(Sat) Emotional Blackmail (Host:Prince Arthur)

文章 Michael-liu »

Kooper 寫:
週六 7月 02, 2022 11:20 am
During the process, sometimes we could unwittingly make the other side feel guilt, obligation, or even fear. Does that amount to emotional blackmail?
Kooper, this is a good question.

I think the point is if you only expect them to do something, and you don't use F. O. G. They just feel these three things themselves, then it is not emotional blackmail.

For example,
A husband says this to his wife:I hope you can lose some weight and have a better body shape. ( I think this is not emotional blackmail,even though the wife may feel pressure and obligation)

If the husband says :I hope you can lose some weight. If not, I may not love you as much as before. ( Then this is emotional blackmail)

What do you think ?