7/30(Sat) Unique Meeting in the Dark (Host: Alice)

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7/30(Sat) Unique Meeting in the Dark (Host: Alice)

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Since the first time I joined YOYO in Nov. 2019, I've learnt a lot of different things from different topics held by you. We discuss aliens, psychology, life style, finance strategy, and even reincarnation, etc. However, no matter what topic is being discussed, we usually do it at the same place with the lights on.

Are you ever curious about how I learn with you without vision? And as a visual impaired person, how I can enjoy all the things while I’m always in the dark?

This time, I would like to invite you into my world of darkness. I would like to invite you to learn and have fun in my way, in the darkness, without using your eyes.

In this special meeting, I am arranging a special workshop for you. For some necessary facilities and for better experience, we will move to another site and the time will be 3 hours. The following is the information for you.

What will you get from this workshop?

1. You will become my good friend because you will finally have the same feelings as I, as a visual impaired person, ha ha.

2. A time to allow your eyes to have a little break and wake up your other senses.

3. Get more familiar with other yoyo members, and discover more ways to get along with others.

4. Learn more about efficient communication.

5. Enjoy a wonderful afternoon in the dark.

📌Registration Required📌

TIME: 15:30~18:30
DATE: Saturday, July 30th.
LOCATION: This workshop needs to be held in a totally dark space, so the location is at 台北市中山區八德路二段174巷28號. It's also around MRT 忠孝新生 Station. You can check the map and transportation below.
Map & transportation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QM9eL9 ... sp=sharing

1. The number of participant is limited to 20, so please register in the note of YOYO main LINE group no later than next Friday, July 22nd. I will create a note related to this activity.

2. Please be in comfortable shoes and clothing. Be sure you are not wearing shoes that glow in the dark.

3. Please bring your own water. There is also a water machine available if you bring your own water bottle.

4. This is not a restaurant, you won’t be able to order any food or drink.

5. The less you know, the more you will get, but it there's any question, Miller, Iris, and Howard may help.
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Re: 7/30(Sat) Unique Meeting in the Dark (Host: Alice)

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Once I was in a chat with a group of international friends, the topic was to share a recent concert you attended. DID (Dialogue in the Dark) 心樂會immediately popped into my head. I simply described my experience; after that, nobody wanted to share their concert experience because they said, “nothing can top that (心樂會)”. I know they were genuine because they were asking about the detailed info of the concert. 心樂會 and 暗中茶席等are unique byproducts created by Taiwan’s DID only, so I just took the chance to invite people to visit Taiwan. :)

My understanding, DID is a social business, but they do not receive any grant or funding from the government. They depend entirely on their own products and services, which I admire them more. Word-of-mouth is the least effort we can make to support them, if we see the value of the workshop for any entities in our network, the referral would be the best. The last thing we had a good discussion about the workshop at the dinner, I am very sure Alice would appreciate your feedback about the activities.