10/29 (Sat)The Dropout Offers Conflicting Views of Controversial Woman (Host : Janet)

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10/29 (Sat)The Dropout Offers Conflicting Views of Controversial Woman (Host : Janet)

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Hi Everyone,

I am glad to be the host again.
Recently, my friend recommends that I could watch a limited series "The Dropout" (新創大騙局) on Disney+.
So I watched it. it is based on a true story.
The story is about a biotechnology company called Theranos & founded by Elizabeth Holmes.
Elizabeth Holmes claims that her team invented a revolutionary & portable blood testing machine which can diagnose hundreds of diseases using a single drop of blood.
Theranos raised more than US$700 million from venture capitalists and private investors.
But Theranos turns out to be a fraud.

Here are a article about this TV series & some news & videos I found on Youtube for your reference.

1.The Dropout Offers Conflicting Views of Controversial Woman: https://www.rogerebert.com/streaming/th ... eview-2022

2.Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes convicted of fraud - BBC News 3.Erika Cheung: Theranos, whistleblowing and speaking truth to power | TED 4.Amanda Seyfried Reveals How She Mastered Elizabeth Holmes' Voice | The Tonight Show Questions for discussion

Session one

Q1.How did Elizabeth Holmes get so many investors to believe in her in spite of she dropped out of college and had very little experience in this field?

Q2. Do you think Elizabeth Holmes intentionally lie to the venture capitalists and private investors?
If they finally worked out a working prototype for the blood testing machine, would this still be considered as a fraud?

Q3.Erika Cheung was a lab assistant in Theranos. She exposed Elizabeth Holmes & now Elizabeth Holmes is facing up to 20 years in prison.
If you were Erika Cheung, would you have the courage to expose your boss?
Why or why not? What would you do?

Session two

Q4. Some people say Holmes acts the way she does (including her baritone voice) is due to the pressures of being a woman in a male-dominated industry.
Do you think the glass ceiling still exist for women in the 21st century?

Q5.Have you watched other TV series or know other news similar to" The Dropout"?
Could you make a comparison about these cases?

Q6. Recently, many Taiwanese people went to Cambodia to apply for jobs, but they were imprisoned, forced to defraud, and even faced abuse and other situations.
Could you name 3 of common types of scams you know?
What could we do to avoid a scam?

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