12/6 (Tue.) Billionaire No More: Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company (Host: thomas)

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12/6 (Tue.) Billionaire No More: Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company (Host: thomas)

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My dear yoyo fellows,

It’s been a while not join yoyo meetings since I was the host last time. As you know, I am fascinated in discussing the deep/true meaning of money in our life. All I want to do is reframe the things we take for granted. Then, we may find another way to live a life. : )
This time, we will talk about an entrepreneur, Yvon Chouinard, who gave away his company’s profit to a nonprofit organization in order to fight climate change. He has mentioned that “Hopefully this will influence a new form of capitalism that doesn’t end up with a few rich people and a bunch of poor people. we are going to give away the maximum amount of money to people who are actively working on saving this planet.” He wants to ensure that Patagoina makes good on its commitment to run a socially responsible business.

Article: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/14/clim ... =url-share
Video1: https://youtu.be/KXXkjR-CqfU
Video2: https://youtu.be/n0nUSiQKcKw?t=418

Session I:
1. Besides most of the time we spend on work, what do you do in your leisure time? Could the activity turn into a sustainable business, which means you can live on it, but not make a big fortune of it?
2. Could you share with us, what could be the value of your leisure activity if it becomes your business? What are the benefits and inspirations people could learn from you and your activity?
3. Do you want to run your own business? What’s that? What's the principle of starting up your business?

Session II:
1. “I was in Forbes magazine listed as a billionaire, which really, really pissed me off,” he said. “I don’t have $1 billion in the bank. I don’t drive Lexuses.” The rich man is still living a simple life. If you were as successful as him, what kind of life would you live on? For example, spend money and time on what?
2. Actually, Chouinards is an outlier when you consider that most billionaires give only a tiny fraction of their net worth away every year. However, Chouinards donated 98 percent of its common shares of Patagonia.Would you get away with most of the profit to accomplish your original purpose of starting the business? Why and why not?
3. Mr. Chouinard had no faith that Patagonia would be able to prioritize things like worker well-being and funding climate action as a public company. “I don’t respect the stock market at all,” he said. “Once you’re public, you’ve lost control over the company, and you have to maximize profits for the shareholder, and then you become one of these irresponsible companies.” Do you agree that when companies go public, it will gradually pursue profit only and become irresponsible? Could you give us examples to support your opinion.

7:00 ~ 7:10pm Opening Remarks / Newcomer’s Self-introduction / Grouping
(Session I)
7:10 ~ 7:50pm Discussion Session (40 mins)
7:50 ~ 8:10pm Summarization (20 mins)
8:10 ~ 8:15pm Regrouping / Taking a 5 Minutes Break (Intermission)
(Session II)
8:05 ~ 8:45pm Discussion Session (40 mins)
8:45 ~ 8:55pm Summarization (10 mins)
8:55 ~ 9:00pm Concluding Remarks / Announcements

Meeting Date: As shown on the Subject Line
Meeting Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Online meeting:
* ZOOM ID: 875 5256 1813
* ZOOM PASSCODE: loveyoyo
* ZOOM LINK: https://tinyurl.com/yoyobest

No on-site meeting for Tuesday night!!!

Important Notes:
1. We advise participants to print out the discussion questions and bring them to the meeting for reference. As for the supporting articles, feel free to print them out, as well, according to your preference.
2. We suggest that participants read the articles and think about the questions in advance.
3. Newcomers should prepare a two-to-three minute self-introduction in English to deliver when called upon by the host before the start of the discussion. The host may also ask you to give brief feedback about the meeting at the conclusion of the meeting.
4. We conduct the entire meeting in English. All participants should have at least moderate English-conversation skills and be able to articulate your ideas for each discussion question.
5. We welcome newcomers and other guests to attend the meetings and join the discussion freely twice (including on-site and online meetings). After that, we hope you will consider becoming a YoYo English Club member. We charge a NT$1,500 (NT$1,000 for students) lifetime membership fee.
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Re: 12/6 (Tue.) Billionaire No More: Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company (Host: thomas)

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