12/13 (Tue.) Who Should Take Responsibility for the Public Security Incident? (Host: Jerry)

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12/13 (Tue.) Who Should Take Responsibility for the Public Security Incident? (Host: Jerry)

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Last month, 29 October, a crowd crush occurred during Halloween festivities in the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea. At least 158 people were killed and 196 others were injured. The victims were mostly young people. It's a high-profile tragedy. The first moment I heard it on the news, what came to me was the color party dust explosion in 2015 in New Taipei city. One of my friends was there and got seriously injured. It took a long time and heavy pain to recover.

I think most people couldn't imagine why the disasters caused by human factors happened. Do we lack a sense of crisis? Do we neglect the potential dangers sometimes or just ignore them? After this kind of major public security incident, some people blame the government didn't do well. Some people ask the activity organizer to be in charge of it. And some people think that the victims should take the most responsibility by themselves. I think we could have a discussion about it in session one.

Here are the links about the Seoul crowd crush, you can read article or watch the video below:
https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/04/asia/ita ... tl-hnk-dst

Session-1 Question
1. Have you ever participated in super crowded activities? Was it for fun or for work? Do you ever think of any danger that might occur in that before going?
2. Who do you think should take responsibility for the Seoul crowd crush Halloween incident or any major accident? (Such as government, activity organizer, participants, or any others)
3. Why do we always make a change after a major accident happens instead of before it? Do we have a chance to prevent accidents before they happen?
4. Have you ever taken an emergency medical course, like learning how to CPR or using an AED? Can you share some experiences or any concept of accident prevention? Maybe one day we will be rescued by it.

To talk about responsibility, I would like to mention about the election a few weeks ago. There was a referendum about civil voting rights for 18-year-olds. The result is 5.65 million votes in favor and 5.02 million votes against. However it doesn't achieve the required threshold of over 9 millions votes in favor. So it was defeated. Within the echo chamber of social media, I found that many of my friends have different opinions about this topic. Let's talk about it in session two.

Session-2 Question
5. Do you support civil voting rights for 18-year-olds? Why or why not?
6. Do you think getting information earlier online helps people become mature earlier than the past?
7. If we don't take age as a criteria for civil voting or being an adult, what can we rely on to set the criteria?
8. According to the reference below, only 5 countries(including Taiwan) in the world set civil voting rights for 20-year-olds (or older). Even some countries lower the age to 16. Do you think we should follow the global trend?
[ref] https://www.thenewslens.com/article/176009


7:00 ~ 7:10pm Opening Remarks / Newcomer’s Self-introduction / Grouping
(Session I)
7:10 ~ 7:50pm Discussion Session (40 mins)
7:50 ~ 8:10pm Summarization (20 mins)
8:10 ~ 8:15pm Regrouping / Taking a 5 Minutes Break (Intermission)
(Session II)
8:05 ~ 8:45pm Discussion Session (40 mins)
8:45 ~ 8:55pm Summarization (10 mins)
8:55 ~ 9:00pm Concluding Remarks / Announcements

Meeting Date: As shown on the Subject Line
Meeting Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Online meeting:
* ZOOM ID: 875 5256 1813
* ZOOM PASSCODE: loveyoyo
* ZOOM LINK: https://tinyurl.com/yoyobest

No on-site meeting for Tuesday night!!!

Important Notes:
1. We advise participants to print out the discussion questions and bring them to the meeting for reference. As for the supporting articles, feel free to print them out, as well, according to your preference.
2. We suggest that participants read the articles and think about the questions in advance.
3. Newcomers should prepare a two-to-three minute self-introduction in English to deliver when called upon by the host before the start of the discussion. The host may also ask you to give brief feedback about the meeting at the conclusion of the meeting.
4. We conduct the entire meeting in English. All participants should have at least moderate English-conversation skills and be able to articulate your ideas for each discussion question.
5. We welcome newcomers and other guests to attend the meetings and join the discussion freely twice (including on-site and online meetings). After that, we hope you will consider becoming a YoYo English Club member. We charge a NT$1,500 (NT$1,000 for students) lifetime membership fee.
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Re: 12/13 (Tue.) Who Should Take Responsibility for the Public Security Incident? (Host: Jerry)

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Move to the top.
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Re: 12/13 (Tue.) Who Should Take Responsibility for the Public Security Incident? (Host: Jerry)

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Maybe Korean are used to being overcrowded caused this tragedy
https://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english ... 65223.html