3/9(Sat.)What kinds of Jobs will be replaced by Chat GPT?(Host:Christina)

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3/9(Sat.)What kinds of Jobs will be replaced by Chat GPT?(Host:Christina)

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Section 1:15 jobs may be replaced by chat GPT

1. Mathematicians
2. Interpreters and translators
3. poets, Lyricists and creative writers
4. Web designer
5. New analysist and journalists
6.lawyers and paralegals
7.Accountants and Auditors
9.Graphic designers
10.customer service agents
13.social media manager
14.Recruiters or HR team
15.Clinic datamanager

Section 2:ChatGPT is the hottest skill for hiring

https://www.cnbc.com/2023/04/05/chatgpt ... hired.html

Questions for Section 1:

1) The article mentioned that 15 jobs will be replaced by Chat GPT. Do you agree or not? Could you choose 3 jobs that are most possible to be replaced and why?
2) What kinds of jobs do you think are more likely not be replaced by Chat GPT? Among these 15 jobs, could you pick up two jobs that might not be replaced by Chat GPT so soon and why?
3) Do you think Chat GPT will replace human’s work totally? Why not?
4) Are you using Chat GPT at work? How is your feedback? Is it really useful at any situation?

Questions for Section 2:
1) If someone know how to use ChatGPT and you are HR team, will you give this person more chance to get the job offer? Why or Why not?
2) Do you consider Chat GPT to help humans’ works or just reduce the job opportunities? Why?
3) If most works are done by AI or Chat GPT, do you think people will work from home more often? There is a new name, called” coffee badging(咖啡打卡)”. People go back to the office, and use the time in office to chat at coffee room or next to coffee machine, since most work could be done at home with the help of AI. And then, go home. Do you agree to be coffee badging, if it is you?
4) What kinds of other work skills shall we have in the era of AI??

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