4/9(Tue) How Animal Senses? (Host: Holly)

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4/9(Tue) How Animal Senses? (Host: Holly)

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Hi! This topic is based on a book that I am currently reading, it's called An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us (五感之外的世界) 8)

Please watch this video before our meet-up!
Session I
1. Mr. Yong introduces ways animals to sense their umwelt/enviornment. Can you elaborate on your methods of perception or sensing? Additionally, do you possess any tendencies or preferences, and do they change over time?

2. Imagine yourself as a non-human animal, experiencing the world through its unique senses. If you could choose, which animal would you be, and what aspects of its sensory experience do you find most appealing?

Session II
1. Do you enjoy spending time with animals other than humans? If so, what draws you to them?

2. Considering that animals' senses can differ greatly from ours, what small actions can we(human) take to create a more friendly and hospitable world for all beings?

my example of small action-
Personally speaking, I’ve changed subtly after my adopted cat, Archie became part of my life. I've become more attentive to the music I listen to and the tone of my voice, as cats generally prefer softer sounds over loud ones.

3. What does 'respecting animals' mean to you?

**I came across this song while preparing for this meeting and would like to share it with you :D **
6:45 ~ 7:00pm Greetings & Free Talk / Ordering Beverage or Meal / Getting Newcomer’s Information
7:00 ~ 7:10pm Opening Remarks / Newcomer’s Self-introduction / Grouping
(Session I)
7:10 ~ 7:45pm Discussion Session (35 mins)
7:45 ~ 8:00pm Summarization (15 mins)
8:00 ~ 8:05pm Regrouping / Instruction Giving / Taking a 5 Minutes Break (Intermission)
(Session II)
8:05 ~ 8:40pm Discussion Session (35 mins)
8:40 ~ 8:55pm Summarization (15 mins)
8:55 ~ 9:00pm Concluding Remarks / Announcements

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Important Notes:
1. We advise participants to print out the discussion questions and bring them to the meeting for reference. As for the supporting articles, feel free to print them out, as well, according to your preference.
2. We suggest that participants read the articles and think about the questions in advance.
3. Newcomers should prepare a two-to-three minute self-introduction in English to deliver when called upon by the host before the start of the discussion. The host may also ask you to give brief feedback about the meeting at the conclusion of the meeting.
4. We conduct the entire meeting in English. All participants should have at least moderate English-conversation skills and be able to articulate your ideas for each discussion question.
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Re: 4/9(Tue) How Animal Senses? (Host: Holly)

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Sometimes I wonder if it's because we, as human beings, can communicate with language, we seem to lose much of our sensing ability.

Recently, the health of my 91-year-old mother-in-law has been declining due to aging. There was a time when she couldn't speak, but she remained mentally alert. Communicating with her during this time has been profoundly different. The way we look at each other, hold hands, and even the way she waves her hands or fingers speaks volumes. I can sense more of what she is trying to express than any other family member can, likely because she and I have been close for quite some time.

I used to think my inability to communicate well verbally was a major drawback in my life, but more and more, I believe God has opened another door for me. My enhanced sensing ability compensates for my shortcomings in verbal communication.