The Checklist for Host Leader

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The Checklist for Host Leader

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The Checklist for Host Leader

A host leader of the month is responsible for organizing hosts for the month’s meetings. Below are the guidelines for host leaders:

1. Arrange all hosts and enter their names into the “YoYo (Year) Meeting Hosts” spreadsheet at least three months prior to the month for which you are responsible. For instance, if you are the Host Leader of Tuesday meetings in October, ensure all hosts for these meetings are identified and listed before July 1st.

2. Aim to select candidates who have not hosted recently or who have not been hosting too frequently to maintain diversity and inclusiveness.

3. Pre-Meeting Preparation: One month before their scheduled meetings, remind hosts to:
a) Develop engaging topics and questions.
b) Post the topic on the forum one week before the meeting.
c) Seek a review or proofreading for their topic and questions before posting it on the forum.

4. Feedback and Support:
a) If the proposed topics or questions seem inappropriate, you can gently ask the host to revise it to ensure the content is suitable for all members.
b) Participate in the meetings whenever possible to support your hosts.
c) Calculate the total order amount from attendees and manage the minimum order requirements with Dante. (This one is specifically for Tuesday host leaders.)
d) Take photos during the meeting and share them on the YoYo social media platforms. For 2024, the platform is the YoYo LINE main group.

5. Following their meeting, express your gratitude to the host for their contribution and effort.