6/29 (Sat.) Doing What ChatGPT Can't (Host: Neo Lu)

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6/29 (Sat.) Doing What ChatGPT Can't (Host: Neo Lu)

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Theme: Pushing the Limits of Human Brain Power: Doing What ChatGPT Can't

Welcome everyone to our English conversation class.

Today, we will explore an exciting and thought-provoking topic: "Pushing the Limits of Human Brain Power: Doing What ChatGPT Can't." While AI, like ChatGPT, excels at processing and generating information, human cognition, and creativity outshine in certain areas.

We will discuss various strategies to enhance our unique cognitive abilities and explore areas where humans have an edge over AI:
  •  Unleashing Creativity
     Using the Power of Intuition
     Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
     Leveraging Human Experience and Wisdom
     Human Connection and Empathy
By focusing on our unique cognitive abilities—such as creativity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and empathy—we can achieve things that AI cannot replicate.

Let's continue exploring and developing these human qualities to enhance our personal and professional lives.
Segment 1: Enhancing Human Creativity and Emotional Intelligence
Topic 1: Unleashing Creativity
Watch a short video on techniques for enhancing creativity. Discuss how these methods can be applied in your personal and professional life.

Reference Material:
• Video link: How to be more creative in seconds!
• Article: How to Boost Creativity
https://www.verywellmind.com/how-to-boo ... ty-2795046

Discussion Points:
  • 1.1 How does human creativity differ from AI-generated creativity?
    1.2 What are some techniques to boost creative thinking and problem-solving?
    1.3 Share personal experiences or examples of creative projects you have worked on.
Topic 2: The Power of Intuition
Watch a short video on the science of intuition and discuss how to balance intuitive and analytical thinking.

Reference Material:
• Article: The Science of Intuition
https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog ... -intuition

Discussion Points:
  • 2.1 What is intuition, and how does it differ from analytical thinking?
    2.2 How can we cultivate and trust our intuition in decision-making?
    2.3 Share examples of situations where intuition played a key role in your decisions.
Take a 5-minute break to refresh your mind.

Segment 2: Enhancing Cognitive Abilities Beyond AI
Topic 3: Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
Read a short article on critical thinking strategies. Discuss how these strategies can be implemented in daily life.

Reference Material:
• Article: How to build your critical thinking skills in 7 steps (with examples)https://asana.com/resources/critical-thinking-skills

Discussion Points:
  • 3.1 What are the key components of critical thinking that differentiate humans from AI?
    3.2 How can we develop and strengthen our critical thinking skills?
    3.3 Share personal or professional experiences where critical thinking led to successful outcomes.
Topic 4: Leveraging Human Experience and Wisdom
Watch a short video on the importance of wisdom and experience in decision-making. Discuss how to cultivate and apply these qualities.

Reference Material:
• Video link: Intelligence & Wisdom

Discussion Points:
  • 4.1 How do human experience and wisdom contribute to decision-making in ways that AI cannot replicate?
    4.2 Discuss the value of mentorship and learning from others' experiences.
    4.3 Share a story where wisdom or experience played a crucial role in solving a problem.
Topic 5: Human Connection and Empathy
Read a short article on the role of empathy in building connections. Discuss practical ways to enhance empathy in daily interactions.

Reference Material:
• Article: Building Empathy and Connection
https://www.verywellmind.com/how-to-dev ... ps-1717547

Discussion Points:
  • 5.1 How do human connection and empathy enhance communication and collaboration?
    5.2 How do you build stronger connections and demonstrate empathy in various settings?
    5.3 Share experiences where empathy significantly impacted an interaction or relationship.
Thank you all for participating in today's discussion on pushing the limits of human brain power and doing what ChatGPT can't………….. Really? I hope so.