Pairs of Confused Words

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Pairs of Confused Words

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***** Objective: This thread is intended to discuss some pairs of confused words.*****

#1: “Satisfactory” vs. “Satisfying”
  • “Satisfactory”: good enough for a particular purpose, acceptable
    “Satisfying”: "satisfying" means that something meets your needs or requirements and has positive associations. It was the case that you enjoyed.
    As Free Dictionary said, "You do not use satisfactory to describe something that gives you a feeling of pleasure and fulfilment. The word you use is satisfying."
Some exercises for the these two words: ... atisfying/
  • 1. We had (satisfying, satisfactory) trip in Kuala Lumpur. I'm looking forward to visiting the place again.
    2. My mom always asks me to show (satisfying, satisfactory) scores of my examinations. She wants to confirm that I'm doing my best in school.
    3. Lenn is not meticulous in choosing clothes. A (satisfying, satisfactory) dress can make her feel contented.
    4. Ken often ensures (satisfying, satisfactory) service to his customer. He wants to keep them from coming back.
    5. My skills in English are (satisfying, satisfactory). As a result, I enrolled again to another language school.
    6. The cook made such a ((satisfying, satisfactory) sashimi that I promised myself never to eat in the restaurant.
    7. The movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" provided a (satisfying, satisfactory) sequel. It's like I didn't waste money from watching it.
    8. The session I had with my teacher last night was (satisfying, satisfactory). Everything was explained clearly to us.
There are no answers provided, but based on the context, I would choose the same answers as Luis':
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  • 1. satisfying
    2. satisfying
    3. satisfactory
    4. satisfying
    5. satisfactory
    6. satisfying
    7. satisfying
    8. satisfying
For questions (2), (3) and (4), this is what I think:
(2): Since my mom wants me to do my best in school, she would want me to show her "satisfying scores" to please her.
(3): Lenn is not the one paying much attention to her clothes, so any "satistactory" clothes would be acceptable.
(4): Ken wants his customers keep coming back, so he needs to ensure he provides "satisfying services", the services that his customers enjoyed, not just acceptable.

#2: Chance vs. Opportunity
  • OPPORTUNITY: an amount of time or a situation in which something can be done;
    CHANCE: how much probability there is that something will happen, or a gamble or risk, or a good time for an event, or an unseen force (the universe?) that makes things happen.
    For more complete definition:
Exercises: (The two words are not mutually exclusive, in some situations they are exchangeable.)
  • 1. He got (a chance, an opportunity) to demonstrate his skills to the boss.
    2. I took the (chance, opportunity) to grab a short nap.
    3. When (chance, opportunity) knocks, open the door.
    4. There's (a chance, an opportunity) of rain later today.
    5. He knew that it was a very good (chance, opportunity) and decided to accept the new job.
    6. They don't get the (chance, opportunity) to speak to foreigners very often.
    7. I didn't have a (chance, opportunity) to tell her I loved her before train departed.
    8. The price of the house has gone down, so it's a great (chance, opportunity) to buy.
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Re: Pairs of Confused Words

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If you want many many more of them. It may kill you if you study too hard, though. :lol:

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