“overly confident” v.s. “over confident”

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“overly confident” v.s. “over confident”

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Hey, Rock, About this question you asked me, Although Kat already told us that “overly confident” is a correct usage, to double check, I still searched the Internet,
and the following is what I found in an English learning website :

" I hear or read both phrases regularly, and they seem to have the same meaning to me. But do they have different meanings? Or is “overly confident” even grammatically correct?"
(Rock, What a coincidence!! Someone asked an exactly same question as yours!)

Confident is an adjective and overly is an adverb. Adjectives are usually modified by adverbs. This is a perfectly normal and grammatical construction.
The other word is usually written as one word: overconfident.
The meanings are the same.

So, Rock, I was too cocky and I was wrong. I owe you a cup of coffee.

The website: http://english.stackexchange.com/questi ... -confident
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Re: “overly confident” v.s. “over confident”

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NO, NO, NO, you're not overly cocky; you're surprisingly humble. Our pleasantly fun discussion is nothing but a friendlily friendly talk. Don't be so earnestly silly to mention that cup of coffee. :lol: